This demo calculators will help you easily understand how to build the module you need. Use them as a base for your own calculator, examine them for some tricks or just download the existant module. Here is a list of all available demos with a short description of the demonstrated functionalities:

Days Converter - multiple results, round and format numeric results.

Unit Converter - simple calculation, using an input field to display a result.

Day of the Week - date parts, text output.

Coin Flipping - advanced math functions, conditional statement, using formulas and fields in the conditions.

How Many Days - date calculations, using existing formulas as variables, conditional statement, conditional text output.

Your Next Birthday - all about dates - calculations, date parts, constants, conditional statements, conditional output formats

Logical Test - general use of fields, formulas, conditions and results.

Personality Test - nested conditional statements, html tags, modified css.

Order Form - two variables table, complex formulas, error message, mail sending.

Zodiac Ovulation Calculator - tricks to achieve even more.


Days Converter

This is an example of a very simple calculator. It answers the question how many weeks, hours, minutes and seconds are in a given number of days. The formulas contain only multiplication and division.

The result is displayed as formated numbers. You can round the results to a desired number of digits after the decimal point and choose from three default number formats.

Middle column preview:

Right column preview:

Feel free to click any button (edit, delete, etc.), to add or remove fields, to build or destroy formulas. This way you will better understand how the generator works and you can always return to the original demo from the list in the left column. If this demo doesn't make any sense you could try the step-by-step tutorial first.

You can try, modify and download this demo calculator as if it was generated by you from scratch.

  1. Choose and configure the input fields of your calculator: Click a tab to create a new field.
    • Number Field
    • Date Field
    • Choose Field
    • List Field
    • Yes / No
    • Text
  2. Build the formula(s) your calculator will use to calculate the result(s): Click a field from the list above to include it as variable in the formula. Type the operators and the constants.
    • Add Formula
    • Condition
    • floor
    • round
    • power
    • root
    • modulo
    • random
    • date
  3. Enter the text your calculator will display as a result of the calculation: Click a formula from the list above to place its result at the cursor position. Type the text.
    • auto
    • request
    • self
Advanced Actions

The config file is a plain text file. You can save, edit and load it again into the Calculator Generator whenever you need. It can be a powerful tool for creating a very long and complex calculators with just a few text editor actions such as "copy", "paste", "replace" etc.