Welcome, friend! If you are looking for a custom calculator module for Joomla! you are in the right place! Just in three easy steps you can create a great calculator for your Joomla! 1.6+ site and you don't even need to know any PHP, CSS or HTML.

First of all, your calculator needs some fields. The visitors of your site will use them to input the data they want to process.

After defining the input fields you build the formula(s), which allow the calculator to get the correct result(s).

Finally you could write some text explaining the calculator output.

Test your new calculator and if you are satisfied download the generated Joomla! module.

You see it's easy! If you have any problems, you can always ask for help in the Comments section, follow the step-by-step Tutorial, examine the Demo calculators, or just Try again to build the calculator you need.

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10 December 2013, 12:00
The new version of the Calculator Generator is finally online!

What is new in the v1.2:
- optional reset button
- change date parts in conditional statements
- three types of mail sending:
     auto - every time an user does a calculation a hidden mail is sent to the site owner with the inputs and the results.
     request - the user can click on a button to send his inputs and results to the site owner along with a message and a return e-mail address.
     self - the user can click on a button to send his inputs and the results to his own e-mail address.
You can test the request mail feature here, but if you want to perform real tests with your own calculator you have to install the generated module to your Joomla! site and enter an e-mail address in the module config page!

I am expecting your comments and ideas for the next release.
It will be great if you post here a link to your calculator. It will give me ideas for new features and will help other users to build their calculators.

You can see the comments on the previous release by clicking the link Older Comments in the upper right corner.


11 December 2013, 15:04
Hi you did a good job with the mail function (i asked it a few months ago). I think this module has a lot of potention, also for order systems etc.


11 December 2013, 19:20
Hi Herwin,
Thank you for the idea and sorry that you had to wait for so long. I am glad you like the feature!


12 December 2013, 11:49I rate this service with: Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5
Dear Andrew,

I have now understood how to use your programme. Quite straight forward even for an ageing vet. However, it does not look the same on my web site. I suspect that it is a conflict in css templates but I would appreciate any instant thoughts that you might have.


Many thanks,


12 December 2013, 13:01I rate this service with: Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5
So far, the program has been wonderful! However, I have run in to one little problem (and it may be due to the fact i'm trying to sort this out at 4am...). I've downloaded the module and can access the PHP and CSS files, however there seems to be no HTML file. can you point me in the right direction to find this?
Thank you.


12 December 2013, 17:01
Hi David,
the calculator module is in conflict with your PHCTemplate. To fix this:
1/ open the calculator css file with a text editor:
your_joomla_site / modules / mod_your_calculator_name / tmpl / css / default.css
2/ add this line at the bottom:
#calc form{display: block;}
3/ save and upload the css file to your Joomla! site


12 December 2013, 17:06
Hi Clay,
with the Calculator Generator you can create a calculator module for Joomla!.
Joomla! modules don't have html files.


12 December 2013, 20:54
Thanks for the quick response...As I mentioned, it was extremely late when I found the tool...unfortunately, I didn't realize it was intended only for Joomla applications :( I've been searching high and low for a tool to help me create a custom calculator to imbed on my website and this looked so promising.


12 December 2013, 23:02I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
Dear Andrew,

I have done as you suggested and this is working fine. All I need to sort now is the email side of things but that is for another day. My grateful thanks.


13 December 2013, 14:41I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
Thanks for the email feature Andrew. It works perfect!!!


15 December 2013, 14:43I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
great !!


28 December 2013, 14:20I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
My wish came true, THANKS.


31 December 2013, 13:13I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
Just wanna say THANXXXXXXX :)


02 January 2014, 02:25I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
Hello Andrew,

I built 3 calculators here

After the calculate button has been clicked, if different options are inputted/chosen and the calculate button is clicked once again, The calculator reverts back to the original options.

Not sure if you can help me on this one, but if you can great



03 January 2014, 18:00
Hi Tom,
I am sorry but I can't help with this issue. I have tested your calculator on my Joomla site and there was no such problem. May be you have to check your web server options or Joomla installation.


03 January 2014, 18:21I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
How can I round up to full integer, meanig what do i have to fill in the boxes math round. I missed this one in school :-)


04 January 2014, 10:50
Hi Thomas,
it depends what kind of round do you need. If you want to round 1.2 to 1 select "round" function from the Math tab in the upper right corner. Delete 0 from the left box and click the input field/result/value you want to round.
If you want always to round up (1.2 => 2), select the "floor" function. Delete 0 from the box and fill in the field/result/value you want to round up. Type +1 next to it.


04 January 2014, 17:41I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
Hi Again Andrew,

Thank you for the response, I do appreciate it..
Before I contact my server siteground, who can be rather difficult at times. Please allow me to more accurately describe my issue.

For example, on the staircase calculator just do a basic calculation with little options such as;

Total stair count -> 13
Number of "closed" stairs -> 13
Then Calculate
Result 1235 -> Okay

Scroll back up and select "yes" on radio button -> "Do you want your stringers/skirtboards refaced with hardwood? "
Then calculate again
Result -> 1625 -> Okay

Now replace the "yes" selection with a "No" selection in the same option as just inputted above.
Calculate once again
Result -> 1625 -> Incorrect -> reverted back to calculation directly above. Did not remove option?

I hope this is more clear
Thanks again for the truly fantastic module.



05 January 2014, 19:05
Hi Tom,
I installed one of your calculators here: http://andrewart.net/jcg/test
It's ok, right? May be there is some caching on you site...


06 January 2014, 06:21I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
Yes Andrew................ Thank you...... Sorry about that, pretty green mistake....


09 January 2014, 06:13
Hi andrew I was try to make this calc but at the end when I tried to test it says; "There is a critical error in the generated calculator. Please, revise your formulas!" Ive simplified my formulas and all but its still not working


09 January 2014, 19:47
Hi maigida,
I don't have access to your test calculators. If you want me to check your formulas, please send me your config file (Advanced Actions at the bottom of the generator -> Save a txt config file to your computer -> send me a mail with the file attached).


10 January 2014, 16:01
I resolved that issue already Andrew, thanks. I'll like you to see it when am done.


14 January 2014, 08:56I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
Hi Andrew,
This module works great it's just almost perfect I have only one small problem - when the submit button is clicked result appear but this action return user to the top of the page and must scroll to view calculations...can you help me with this?


14 January 2014, 20:17
Hi Plamen,
you are probably using a calculator generated before the latest update. You could download your calculator again or just open:
your_joomla_site / modules / mod_your_calculator_name / tmpl / default.php
and replace this code:


14 January 2014, 22:29
Thank you very much Andrew now everything works just perfectly. My site is offline for now, but soon will be online and I will write again to see :) Thanks again!


26 January 2014, 06:21I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
HI Andrew, i have been using your calculator for almost two years now. here is the link
Now i would like to hide an input field in case it does not apply or simply pre fill it it with N/A when an option is chosen.
The field i want prefilled or hidden when an option is selected is the weight field as it does not always apply .
for example if some one selects Phones which is my first option then the weight field does not apply and should be hidden or prefiled with N/A

The best approach i think is to hide or prefill the weight field as long as it is not part of the formula. for example see the phone formula...
case 1: //phones
if ($varNumCost


26 January 2014, 06:22
case 1: //phones
if ($varNumCost NumCost+$varNumShipping)+($varNumCost*0.1))*$rate)+100000)*$varNumQuantity;
else {

You can see that weight is not in the formula. Now see formula below where weight is required if user selects "my item is not listed here" option

case 29://my item is not listed


26 January 2014, 19:01
Hi Paul,
to dinamically hide and show fields will require JavaScript and the generated modules don't support it. I am trying to keep the modules as simple as possible so they can be used with different Joomla installations without conflicts with other plugins.


07 February 2014, 18:19
Hi Andrew my calculator sometimes fail to return any results at all. I also noticed that when this happens, all the values entered doesn't return with the page after submitting... try my calculator here http://instabuildit.com/index.php/calculators/rc-design


09 February 2014, 13:06
Hi Maigida
Did you try the calculator on another site? I tested the module here and it worked fine. May be your web server needs configuration. I can't help you with this because I don't have access to the backend of your site, sorry.


09 February 2014, 14:18I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
Hallo Andrew Thanks for Calculator Generator but could you tell me how to instal it on joomla 2.5 especially after i download the module
I know this is Silly question because i'm still learning on joomla

Thanks Andrew


09 February 2014, 19:59
Hi Nemih,
here are two articles about installing a module in Joomla:


10 February 2014, 10:52I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
Hello Andrew,
I must say this calc gen. is an invaluable tool. I was able to state so much conditional statements (if) and (if of if). I was able to generate a calc that can interpolate to derive exact value in a table and so on. U're a great guy Andy, I pray I get to donate for this course soon. Meanwhile, I'll like to know if I can request some more functions and ability of the calc?


11 February 2014, 12:22

Thanks for a great module.

I am trying to have the module round up to nearest hundred. If a calculation gives the result=2520, I want to round up to 2600. And If the result is 43240 it should round up to 43300, etc.

Is this possible?


11 February 2014, 13:04
thank's for your work ! :D
I've an error on my website.
"Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /htdocs/public/www/modules/mod_calc3299/tmpl/default.php on line 13"
please see it on my test website at : http://www.cdn-medias.fr/index.php/les-tissus
Can you help me please ?


11 February 2014, 15:38
Hi Maigida,
Thank you. I am glad you like my Generator.
Please, write here your requests and I will try to include them in the next release.

Hi Peter,
in the last step of the Generator you can define a result format. Choose Numeric and type "-2" in the [Round to (digits after decimal point):] field


12 February 2014, 00:49
Hi, love the module but I'm having one issue maybe you can assist me with. When try to place the calculator inside an article that is generated by another module, it doesn't show up. You can see it here, http://www.temputech.com/ click on Profit/Loss Calculator, that's where I expect the calculator to appear. Any help is appreciated!


12 February 2014, 01:39
Hi Andrew,
My problem have been solved.
On default.php, line 13, I've replaced :
$document = & JFactory::getDocument();
$document = JFactory::getDocument();


13 February 2014, 15:38
Hi Franck,
I am glad it's ok now.

Hi Kevin,
I can see the calculator on your page. I guess, you managed to solve your issue too.


14 February 2014, 01:04
Is there any simple way to open the results in a new article rather than the div on the same page.


14 February 2014, 20:59
No. Sorry, Gav


15 February 2014, 02:06
I did get the calculator to work, thanks! Can you shed any light on a formula that I'm having trouble with. Here is an example of what I'm trying to achieve:
A / B = C
D * E = F
C * F = Final Result

First two formulas work fine, but the last step is giving me a 0 every time. Thoughts?



15 February 2014, 17:41
Hi Kevin,

I don't see any error in your formulas as they are written here. Why don't you try to combine them like this:
(A / B) * (D * E)
Send me your calculator name and I will check the php code.


17 February 2014, 17:20I rate this service with: Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5
The Module name is Profit/Loss Calculator. It's a little more involved than my previous example, but not much. There are basically 3 results I'm trying to get from the calculator, but only the first 2 are working, no sure why. Thanks for helping!


17 February 2014, 17:57
Figured out the issue I think. The problem is I'm trying to get 2 results simultaneously, even though the 2nd result needs the 1st result to calculate. I'm having to click the submit button twice to get the result, which I'd like to avoid. Is there a way to make a result field autogenerate?

Thanks again!


20 February 2014, 20:19
Hi Kevin,

I took a quick look at your calculator (I am sorry, I have very little time recently) and I didn't understand why did you create Result1, Result2 and Result3 fields? If you don't really need them, remove them and your calculations will be fine.


21 February 2014, 18:30
Is it possible to output 2 separate results with this mod? I am trying to output an X and Z coordinate and the results just get added to each other.

I got the single output working just fine, but I wasn't sure if this supported double outputs



22 February 2014, 10:54
Hi cronie,
I am not sure I understand your question... Did you click the Add Formula button? You just need to create two formulas if you want to have two results.


23 February 2014, 20:37
Hi, It is a wonderful program, I am wondering if you can add a logarithm function? such as base 10, the common logarithm. Regards, VT


24 February 2014, 03:37
Hi Andrew, is it possible to generate the php code for this calculator and use it on a non-joomla site? please help, this would mean a lot to me


02 March 2014, 19:57
I am sorry for my late reply!

Hi VT,
Yes, I will add a logarithm function in the next release, but I can't say when it will be online. May be in a couple of months...

Hi Maigida,
No, I don't think you can use the php code on a non-joomla site. You need to know php, but if you do, you won't need a generated code. Sorry.


08 March 2014, 19:04I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
Oh boy this is a powerfull app, thanks to you i can make a calculator to find in a moth how many days are among selected by the user and calculate then how much will save if takes a package instead spear hours of consulting, formating the response of the calc depending if there could be a save or not. This is great. Congrats again!


18 March 2014, 14:50
Hi Andrew.
I have been looking for a solution to enable customers to calculate the cost of a printed banner when they input their custom sizes. Is it possible to add function to enable customer to add result to the shopping cart.


19 March 2014, 23:08
Hi Simon
No, it's too complicated, sorry.


25 March 2014, 21:23
Hi Andrew....your calc module is great! I'm just doing a simple Handicap calculation (2 input fields) and all looks well on your generator. When I download and install on my local site, the Get Handicap tab partially overlays the second input field. Can you tell me how to get more space between the 2nd field and the tab? I'm veryyyyy new to Joomla and have no coding background but am willing to try. Appreciate your help!!!!


26 March 2014, 19:15
Hi Sue,
there is a conflict between the module css and your site template. To fix the problem you can modify your css file:
your_joomla_site / modules / mod_your_calculator_name / tmpl / css / default.css
I could help with the css code if you send me a link to the page with your calculator installed.


26 March 2014, 21:54I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
Hi Andrew,

I have the same problem as Sue. Can you tell me what to change in the ccs file, please?


28 March 2014, 03:48I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
Hi Andrew...I sent an email to the link at the bottom of this page with a snapshot of my webpage (it's a local installation so I can't send you a link). If that isn't enough to determine the problem, please let me know what files you would need. I can send you my template if that helps.

Thanks again for your help!


29 March 2014, 09:34
Hi Sue,

I am sorry for late response.
Try adding some margin to the button. Put this line at the bottom of your module css file:
#calc-button {margin-top: 2em;}
It will be best if you publish your site on some test server so I can examine it online.

Hi Karen,
There are many ways to change the css. It will be a really lucky shot if I manage to fix your problem without seeing it


29 March 2014, 15:38I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
Thanks, Andrew:
The "margin-top" change didn't seem to have any affect but I did go to the #calc-button section in the file and made a couple of adjustments there. Changed "font-size" to .9em and "bottom" to -2.3em. It took a little away from the tab appearance of the button but it no longer overlays part of the input field so this will work!
Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!


30 March 2014, 16:58
Hi Su,
I am glad you made it. CSS is quite simple and you shouldn't be afraid to experiment with it.


04 April 2014, 10:31
Hi andrew my Calculator at instabuildit.com/index.php/calculators/rc-design#calc doesn't return any results anymore. My users are complaining


04 April 2014, 19:44
Hi Maigida,

did you change anything on your site or server? The problem can't be in the calculator itself. The module doesn't change after the initial installation.


16 April 2014, 09:46I rate this service with: Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5Rate 5 / 5
Hello, I would like to know if this module you can utlizzarlo
and for a schop with complex pricing (print shop) and the price
combine it with the products. Thanks Paul


18 April 2014, 19:10
No, sorry!


19 April 2014, 04:26I rate this service with: Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5Rate 4 / 5
Would it be possible to implement a slider like one of possible input options?


20 April 2014, 14:45
Hi Donatas,
I am trying to keep the generated module as simple as possible. Sliders or any other kind of animation would require javascript or Flash which could cause conflicts with other templates or modules. That's why I don't have plans to implement sliders or anything outside the standard HTML controls.