Welcome, friend! If you are looking for a custom calculator module for Joomla! you are in the right place! Just in three easy steps you can create a great calculator for your Joomla! 1.6+ site and you don't even need to know any PHP, CSS or HTML.

First of all, your calculator needs some fields. The visitors of your site will use them to input the data they want to process.

After defining the input fields you build the formula(s), which allow the calculator to get the correct result(s).

Finally you could write some text explaining the calculator output.

Test your new calculator and if you are satisfied download the generated Joomla! module.

You see it's easy! If you have any problems, you can always ask for help in the Comments section, follow the step-by-step Tutorial, examine the Demo calculators, or just Try again to build the calculator you need.

Create your own calculator module for Joomla!

If you are not sure where to start:Building a Calculator - Step by Step

  1. Choose and configure the input fields of your calculator: Click a tab to create a new field.
    • Number Field
    • Date Field
    • Choose Field
    • List Field
    • Yes / No
    • Text
  2. Build the formula(s) your calculator will use to calculate the result(s): Click a field from the list above to include it as variable in the formula. Type the operators and the constants.
    • Add Formula
    • Condition
    • floor
    • round
    • power
    • root
    • modulo
    • random
    • date
  3. Enter the text your calculator will display as a result of the calculation: Click a formula from the list above to place its result at the cursor position. Type the text.
    • auto
    • request
    • self
Advanced Actions

The config file is a plain text file. You can save, edit and load it again into the Calculator Generator whenever you need. It can be a powerful tool for creating a very long and complex calculators with just a few text editor actions such as "copy", "paste", "replace" etc.